Do you know the Son, the one the Father gave ?
Do you know the Son, who can save you from the grave ?
The one who's got the crown from the Father up above ?
The Word becoming flesh, to show the Father's love ?

The Logos who came to Earth and was born but not by man
But by the Holy Spirit sent down by God's own hand.
The Son born in Bethlehem of Judea on that night;
The Son who is the one, whom in John is called the Light.
Yes, He's called the Light, and that's very true
For He came to light the way for men like me and you.
He is also called the Word, and if you did not know
He is the One who made all things so very long ago.

His name is Yeshua, the messiah, and now I'm telling you
Just what it was that God sent Him into the world to do.
God sent His Son to tell us about ourselves you see -
And how that if we did not change, we would end in misery.
He also showed us how to live and to make it ample;
He lived a life without sin; what a great example.
Now Yeshua is the Son of God and on this Earth he dwelt
'til the age of thirty three and, then the pain He felt.

Men on earth did not care about what He had to say;
All they thought of was themselves, so carted Him away.
And on the hill called Calvary, to a stake these men had made
They nailed my Saviour Yeshua the messiah,, and there my debt He paid.
And as the blood poured forth from His hands, feet and side
If I then had been there like now I would have cried;
'cause of something else He had also come to say
Which was this that 'By His death He would take my sin away'
So, if you would believe that Yeshua died for you
Then you will also know your sins are forgiven too;

Do you know the Son, the one the Father gave ?
The One called Yeshua, the messiah, who died for you to save ?

1 John 5:20

It is to be noted that the Lord is not the eternal Son of God, but the Son of the eternal God; for there was no Son until he was born of Miriam, and born again at his resurrection, where it was declared to him by his Father, " You are my Son, this day have I begotten you" this 'begotten' is reference to his resurrection, for he is the "FIRSTBORN of many brethern" and 'we' at his coming. For we have been born again unto a living hope, that living hope is our LORD YESHUA/JESUS; for as he was raised to life. So too shall we be so raised if we press forward to the prize of the upward call in Messiah Yeshua our Lord, amen.

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