It pleased God to bruise Him
To put Him to death,
For when God saw His travail
God was satisfied.
Lord, You were wounded for my transgressions
You were bruised for my iniquities
The chastisement of my peace was upon You
And by Your stripes am I healed.
You suffered for me Lord
The pain You bore I cannot tell
But Oh Lord, my pain is too great
To bear at times, but You understand.
Lord my bones are out of place
My joints are on fire, and ache
Even as death were upon me whilst I live
So my pain is ever with me.
I cannot escape it Lord, but You
Have conquered pain and sorrow and death;
And You have been my hope and stay
You Lord are with me and by Your Spirit
You give me peace from this tumult in my flesh.
And I know that because I have trusted in Thee
Though after death, worms destroy this body
In my flesh I shall see You and rejoice
Because You live I shall live also !
And this pain, this rudeness of mortality;
Shall it not be swallowed up of life ?
Even the life of Lord Yeshua, who died and lives.
So I say this to my pain, rule while you may;
But the day shall come, and indeed has come
When there shall be no more pain, nor tears
Nor sorrow, for God shall wipe away all my
Pain, and though this outer man perish
God is renewing the inner man after His beloved
Son, whose pain I can never know, yet in
This present time I can rejoice, for
My pain is but a door, a door of comfort
A door through which my Lord doth walk
And talk to me, for I come to the garden
Alone, and He tells me that I am His own.


Job 19:25,26;

Isaiah 53:7

Psalm 22

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