Many vote at the election
And speak not up for God;
They deserve the Government they get
Which will smite them as with a rod.

The mind is dark which does not know
That free will, we have been given
To make a choice for righteousness -
By the blood from Christ's side, riven.

For unbelievers will entice
The disciple of the Lord,
Striking at his very heart
To cause his spirit discord.

A decision to stand for what is right
Must be made by men of God;
Declaring that 'Christ is the way'
With truth their feet are shod.

For we are faced with secular rule
On this Earth where we are but strangers
Our true home is in heaven above
So let us not be afraid of the dangers.

Now the end of all that I have said
Is revealed in God's own plan;
We read this in Acts five:twenty nine

Acts 5:29

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