I've suffered the pain of the rack
Now, hot pinchers and tongs tear my flesh;
Points of sharp knives dig into me
Blood pours from the wounds they did thresh.

'Recant, recant' they shout at me
'And worship the mother of God.'
I watch as they torture my brethren
With whips, chains and steel rod.

I cry out that, 'Jesus is Lord, I love Him;
and cannot deny His blood shed.'
As they continue to torture me in frenzy,
Tomorrow I know, I'll be dead.

My hands they now tie to the stake
The wood they pile against me,
I shout that, 'Christ is the Saviour.'
As the flames burn what Rome calls 'heresy'

I look heavenward and see Jesus my Lord
He is the truth and my ark;
Unite NOT with Roman Catholicism
For such unity is found in the dark.

Jeremiah 44:17-23

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