Come Christian men and women
Harken to what I say;
About our Lord Jesus Christ
He is the Truth and Way.
We must obey his every word
That he speaks from above
Reminding us that we must walk
According to his love.
For, I would dare say to you
That we must live his Cross
Crucified unto the flesh
For each we suffer loss.

To care for yourself is wrong
For others Jesus came;
Shed his blood, he freely gave
So we must do the same.

For in the words of Jesus
A lesson we can learn
Hearing what the Spirit says,
I want you to discern.
The Son shall seperate the nations
And His yardstick shall be;
'If you did it for the least of these,
you did it unto me.'

So, Christian men and women
I've said what I must say;
Let's esteem the other better;
Listen, this is love's Way.

Matthew 25:31-46; Philippians 2:3

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