The gospel that is preached today
Is NOT the gospel of the way
It is the gospel that 'all is well' -
And this gospel leads to hell.
Where is the news that Jesus brought
From heaven far above;
The news that God had sent His Son
To show to us His love ?
The love He had for you and me
That day He died at Calvary,
And that from sin us He did save
By arising from the grave.
This is the gospel Jesus told
So you had better grab a hold
Onto this truth that is in Christ
Your salvation His blood has priced.
It has been two thousand years
Or nearly it would seem
And I really know the church
At times walks in a dream.
The church is mostly asleep, 'tis true
But I would hate to slumber
Just in case the King does come
They may be cut asunder.
So, when the Archangle shouts
My name and bids me 'COME'
I'll be awake just like now
Christ's gospel is the one !!

1 Thessalonians 5:1-8

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