'I'm warm and feeling safe
as I move around my room
everything is soft and gentle
inside my mother's womb.
I can tell that I am growing
as the time goes by, at pace
I've got little hands and feet
a tiny nose upon my face.
My heart I can hear beating
as the blood pumps through my veins,
I am aware of many things
and, I'm thinking with my brains.
I know the day is coming
when I will laugh and play;
and have a lot of fun
with my friends on my birthday.
What a time I'll have
as I grow up to be
that special kind of person
to that someone who'll love me.

'Oh, I'm feeling pain
is there nowhere I can hide ?
my little hands have been cut off
by the scalpel that's in my side !
my legs are being torn apart
I'm screaming in my blood,
no one seems to hear me
as I drown in the flood.
Help me, oh please help me
they're cutting off my head;
I'll never have a birthday
because my now, I'm dead !'

'There is a gentle voice I hear
that says, 'I love you so'
and arms that hold me really close
a great peace overflows.
I'm not afraid, I've lots of friends
I have a 'brand new' home,
a place of love, joy and peace
I play before God's throne.'

Then a mighty voice does cry,
'Rest child at my Mount
'til my Day of Inquisition;
when someone will give account !!'

dedicated to the unheard cry of the innocent blood

Psalm 9:7-12

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