When I thought One God in three
How confused I used to be
"cause I'd tried real hard to know
How it was that this was so ?

And over years I racked my brain
For I was taught that it 'was plain'
But I refused and would not see
For the Bible speaks of Unity.

So in the Scripture the truth I sought
Because men's teaching had come to nought
And when the Spirit of truth did come
I saw that God was the Holy One.

This truth I know and this through He
The Scripture says not one in three
Nor does it say three in one
But Unity with God's only Son

The trinity then is a vagary
Such things are not in unity
With Elohim of Genesis one
Or 22 of Genesis three.

Hear oh Israel the LORD thy ELOHIM (GODS) is ONE .... thus Yeshua prayed to his Father, 'that they may be one as we are one'

Psalm 110:1; Mark 12:29; John 17:11

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