I have four fingers on each hand
And a thumb as well;
They speak to me of God's great Charis
And this is what they tell.

My forefinger is the Prophet
And shows the way to me
It points in the direction
Which is forward, so I can see.

My middle finger is the one
I call Evangelist;
It helps me write of Jesus
So I like that one the best.

My ring finger reminds me
Of the One who is my Master
His name is the Good Shepherd
This finger then, is Pastor.

My little finger is the one
That has become my Teacher
It says to me 'be humble'
In your gift of preacher.

Now lastly is my thumb
It acts as the Apostle
Sorting all the fingers out
It keeps them from the jostle.

Ephesians 4:11-15

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