by Richard Merrell


Some men say, "There is no God"
And that they say, "Is right"
They ask, "How can there be a God,
when the world is in such plight ?"
The way they think and always sigh
Often makes me want to cry;
Because I know from God's Word
That they believe in Satan's lie.

Oh Satan, get thee hence
You are here now, and 'tis known;
Just be gone in Jesus' name
And let me finish this poem!

Satan has beguiled these men
Women too as well,
He stops them from believing God
And takes them down to hell.
So, just believe in God's Word
About the shape the world is in,
Once you do, then you will know
That it's all because of SIN.

2 Corinthians 4:3,4

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