by Richard Merrell


Before I knew Messiah I was dead
On my sins I daily fed;
A real great person in my sight
Was myself, mine own delight.
Abominations I did do
In the sight of God, 'tis true;
A medium I did become
I really thought that it was fun
To call up spirits in the dark
While forming a circle, a real great lark.
But Satan grabbed me by my soul
And took me down into that hole;
That hole that is a place of fear,
Of terror, horror and nightmare !
A place where I was held in chains
Chains on my spirit and great pains.
In the dark I was afraid
Of things that walked unseen
Things that touched me whilst I slept,
And during day behind me crept.
My mind was filled with awful sights
Things which kept me awake at nights,
Of filth, death and graveyard too
I just did not know what to do ?

Then one day I came to know
About how God loved me so
And how that if I came to him;
He would forgive me of my sin.
I learned how Yeshua died FOR ME !
On the tree at Calvary,
And how that Yeshua lives today
To wash the sin of men away.
The Scripture also showed me
That from Satan I was FREE
I left the hole he had me in -
For 'in Messiah' I had no sin.
My life God changed, I took Messiah's hand
He leads me now and it's sure grand;
To know that I shall never die
For on Lord Yeshua I rely.

Thankyou God for saving me
I know that it is true;
And I shall tell other men
About how God loves them too !

NOTE: 2 evil spirits were cast out of me by the authority of the Lord Yeshua.

2 Corinthians 3:18

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